Award Winner Profile


Bryan Morgan 2015 Amateur Award

Award: Amateur Award

Award Year: 2015

Winner Sport: Competitive Shooting

Home Town: Finger, TN

The All Sports Association congratulates Bryan Morgan for being named the 2015 Amateur Award winner. Although the amateur award has been awarded in recent years to local individuals participating in more non-traditional sports including fishing and water skiing, competitive shooting is certainly a sport which does not receive much recognition. However, the significant accomplishments of BryanMorgan, including a national championship title, make him more than a deserving winner of this year’s award.

The world of tactical precision rifle matches, unlike other rifle disciplines, engage targets at varying distances from positions while wearing needed gear, most times while under both a clock and physical stress. Modeled after many law enforcement and military sniper competitions, it gives civilians the opportunity to safely test their skills against one another in varying scenarios. This sport is fairly inexpensive to take part in and welcomes shooters young and old, male and female, novice or experienced. Competitive tactical precision shooting requires extensive travel and it is physical and fast-paced; not what one typically thinks of long-distance shooting. “It’s a little bit of a chess game, as far as some of the challenges we face with constantly changing conditions” states Morgan. “It’s always challenging, so it’s always fun and never gets easy or boring.”

Morgan out-performed nearly 300 other shooters nationwide last year in the national Precision Rifles Series Championship which included regional venues across the country. The Precision Rifle Series is a championship style point-series race of the best precision rifle competitions and shooters in the nation. Scores are formulated and recorded to track the status, profile and ranking of shooters.

The competition culminated last September in the championship finale held in Frost, TX. During the competition’s finale, Morgan was able to strike a golf ball hanging from a string more than 300 ft away under timed conditions. He followed that up by striking a 12-inch diameter plate well over a half-mile away. His performance earned him the national title. It’s a big honor,” Morgan said after returning home with the championship. “You do not go into this thing thinking you are going to win it. Each person there is capable of doing some amazing things with a rifle.”

Bryan and his wife Misty reside in Baker where they own and operate the K&M Shooting Center. Compared to other competitors in this sport, Bryan Morgan joked about his relative age: “I’m definitely the first grandpa to win the series.” Their daughter Taylor Mainor and her husband Christian Mainor are the proud parents of Bryan and Misty’s first grandchild, one-year-old Morgan.

The Association congratulates Bryan and his supporting family for his performance in achieving the pinnacle of precision shooting last fall and for bringing exposure to this growing sport. We are proud to name him our 2015 Amateur Award winner