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Mia Manganello 2019 Amateur Award

Award: Amateur Award

Award Year: 2019

Organization: U.S. Olympics

Winner Sport: Speed Skating

Speed skater Mia Manganello started racing as an eight-year-old inline skater in Crestview, where her parents owned Mia’s Italian Restaurant. Mia competed until age thirteen, winning numerous National Championships in her age category. In 2002, after the Winter Olympics, Mia and her dad drove to Salt Lake City for an ice speed skating camp. After a week of camp, Mia was hooked.

On the drive back to Florida Mia called her mom to ask if the family could move to Salt Lake City. By the time Mia and her dad arrived in Crestview, Mia’s mom had already started packing. Three weeks later, the family was off to Salt Lake City so that Mia could chase her Olympic dreams. Mia Manganello Celebration

From 2003 to 2010 Mia’s life was speed skating. She competed on four Junior World Teams, and was three times a Junior National Champion. Mia tried twice to qualify for the Olympics, falling short each time. After the 2010 Olympic trials, Mia stepped away from the sport to try competitive cycling.

But speed skating was still in her heart, and in 2016 Mia returned to the ice. Mia won gold and silver medals at Long Track U.S. Nationals and Fall World Cup Trials in 2016-2017, enabling her to compete in the Winter Olympic Trials, where she qualified for the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

At the Winter Olympics in February 2018, Mia competed in the 1500m, Women’s Team Pursuit and Women’s Mass Start events. On a team with three other women, Mia took Bronze for the Women’s Team Pursuit. It was the first medal won by U.S. Women’s Speed skating since 2002, the very year that Mia’s Olympic dreams began. Congratulations to Mia Manganello, All Sports Association 2019 Amateur Award Winner.