Connor Snitko – 2023 Special Olympics Athlete Award Winner

Shane Kamm

Connor Snitko was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1994. On the day Connor was born he was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. From that first day his parents decided that Connor was going to be ALL he could be.


In Connor’s early years, he loved to swim and play basketball. He also enjoyed traveling with his family. His easy-going nature and loving heart helped him make many friends. Connor is a big country music fan and he is prone to giving “Concerts” at home.


In the early 2000’s Connor and his family moved to Telluride, Colorado, where Connor was involved in band, drama, basketball, and weightlifting. However, his real love was skiing with the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program, an organization affiliated with the Special Olympics of Colorado. Connor won gold medals in slalom and giant slalom racing on mountains throughout Colorado. Connor also participated in rock climbing, cycling, horseback riding, and white water rafting. Connor graduated from Telluride High School in 2013. Prior to moving to Miramar Beach, Connor was connected with Mike Schumacher, who is actively involved with Special Olympics in Walton County. With Mike’s support, Connor enrolled in paddle boarding, surfing, bocce, swimming, basketball, bowling, and golf.


Along the way, Connor and his teammates have continued to win awards. Connor has been taught that by the Grace of God we make our way in this world. He is so thankful for everything he receives. All Sports congratulates Connor Snitko, this year’s Special Olympics Athlete.

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