Shane K. Kamm – 2022 Special Olympics Athlete Award Winner

Shane Kamm

Shane Kamm was born in Barstow, California in 1989. His parents are Rick and Rita Kamm. Shane has always been exceptionally kind and compassionate. He is patriotic and honors our military. In 1998, Shane moved to Northwest Florida, where he enrolled at the YMCA and learned to play basketball. That was the start of Shane’s love for all sports.


Shane attended Silver Sands School, graduating in 2011. As a student, he participated in Special Olympics Basketball and Bowling. After graduation, Shane continued to participate in Special Olympics Bowling. He also played softball for the Challenger League, where he was known as a home run hitter.


This year Shane tried paddle boarding. With help from his coaches, Shane overcame his fear of deep water, and he now excels at paddle boarding, his new favorite sport!


Shane has much love and support around him, but his mom is his biggest fan. Shane has had several internships and job opportunities, and he volunteers for many different organizations, where he is always adored. All Sports is honored to present this year’s Special Olympics Award to Shane Kamm.

Shane K Kamm - 2022 Special Olympics Athlete
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